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Say No to Stoneybrook Enclave

Dear Commissioners and Honorable Mayor,

On June 20th , the Board of County Commissioners will vote on whether or not to permit a land use change which would allow for the construction of up to 125 homes on a portion of the Stoneybrook East golf course (40+ acres). This portion of land is surrounded by conservation, next to wetlands, and adjacent to a flowage easement required for the sewage processing facility to discharge reclaimed water. It is in a flood zone and near the Econ River. In order to build homes, the developer admitted they will have to fill in (up to) two large lakes which are currently being used for stormwater management.

The proposal has been rushed through the pre-development process, providing no real specifics – no blueprints of lot lines, roads, and overall community layout. Not only that, but there has been no explanation of how two large stormwater lakes will be lost without placing surrounding neighbors at risk. Orange County planning staff noted that the proposed 125 homes are not likely to fit in the proposed area.

The residents of Stoneybrook are counting on promises made by the developer. The surrounding communities are counting on the Commissioners to ensure this proposal is compatible with existing neighborhoods. If the redevelopment of the recreational land causes surrounding neighborhoods to flood, that is not compatibility. How can the Commissioners determine compatibility when they have not been provided with details of the necessary reconfiguration of stormwater? How can the Commissioners vote to approve the Enclave, when details of the proposal’s feasibility are missing? Information is needed, such as plans showing lot lines, roads, and ponds.

The land proposed for redevelopment may need to remain as it is, to safely manage water in the Econ River Basin. This cannot be determined without more detailed study. Plans should be required of the developer prior to approval, to ensure the safety of all residents within District 4.

Please vote no to the current proposal.

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Thank you for your consideration.
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