Directory of Contacts

HOA Board of Directors

President: Jeff McCall (District V) 

Vice President: Noah Emerson (District VI)

Treasurer: Sarah Gonder (District V) 

Secretary: Keith Walls (District I) 

District I: (Eagle Lake, Interlachen, Sherwood, Shoal Pointe)

Brian Schumacher (Term ends January 2024)  

Keith Walls (Term ends January 2025)

District II: (Fairway Pointe, Greenbriar, Muirfield Pointe, Turnberry Pointe)

Vacant (Term ends January 2024)  

Abdel Zeini (Term ends January 2025)


District III: (Falcon Ridge, Stonebridge, Woodlands Pointe)

Tim Cole (Term ends January 2024)

Laurence Glinzman (Term ends January 2025)

District IV: (Canterbury, Cedar Chase, Glenview, Inglenook, Newport, Prestwick)

Shelley Davis (Term ends January 2024)

Richard Sumner (Term ends January 2025)

District V: (Augusta, Heather Glen, Kensington)

Jeff McCall (Term ends January 2024)

Sarah Gonder (Term ends January 2025)  

District VI: (Kings Pointe, Merion Pointe, Northwood, Riviera Pointe)

Noah Emerson (Term ends January 2024)

Carianne Visi (Term ends January 2025)

Orange County Board of County Commissioners

OC Mayor Jerry L Demings 407-836-7370

District 1 Commissioner

Nicole Wilson 407-836-7350

District 2 Commissioner

Christine Moore 407-836-7350

District 3 Commissioner

Mayra Uribe 407-836-5140

**District 4 Commissioner

Maribel Gomez Cordero 407-836-7350

District 5 Commissioner

Emily Bonilla 407-836-7350

District 6 Commissioner

Michael Scott 407-836-5860

**This Commissioner is located in our district.  She has office hours every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10am-12pm at East Orange Community Center.  Please verify any COVID-19 exceptions. 

Information sites to educate and call to action include:

Two Facebook groups include:  Eastwood (Unofficial) Social & Save Eastwood Golf Course

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