2 Different Things

The Orange County Board of County Commissioners and Civil Court are 2 Different Things.

Understanding the differences between the Orange County Board of County Commissioners and Civil Court is key to properly fighting development at any point of time.

The Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is the governing body of Orange County. The BOCC is composed of 6 district commissioners and the Mayor. They approve or deny applications for property development. They are not judges and the BOCC is not a courthouse – they are a legislative and executive branch. As such, the best approach is not an overly legal approach, but instead, that of an appeal of homeowners seeking protection and representation of what is best for the community at large.  If the BOCC decides against future development is Eastwood, as they have in the past and are likely do this time, the fight would be over without going to court.

Civil Court is where the fight would move to, if the BOCC voted in favor of development in Eastwood. Lawyers would come in to play at that time. Despite some beliefs that may have formed based on partial information see (The Lawyer Opinion), we believe we have a very strong legal position. There may be numerous legal avenues to fight this battle in civil court. 

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